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I was tremendously lucky to be a part of this film.

It is one of my fondest memories thus far on this path into filmmaking. 

The great and talented Khalid Mohtaseb is a good friend of mine thus I was naturally connected to the intention of this film from the early talks. I didn't know I was going to be directly involved at all until very late when all the details fell into place. Ultimately my leap into the project was more about getting past the fear of moving forward than anything. But after meeting everyone involved I knew it would be this exact type of scary leap forward for everyone, not just myself. 

The talent from top to bottom of this project is exceptional. So much so that I have a hard time thinking I had any contribution at all. My tireless efforts to motivate and build momentum amongst the team ultimately made me realize how important people are all throughout the cast and crew. The directors were both extraordinary and Khalid worked his magic throughout but I saw so much below the surface that showed me how something like this ever becomes a reality. The passion has to be running throughout and be constantly replenished if a passion project is ever going to be manifested.   

May this lead to much bigger and even more amazing works of art in the future. 

Anomaly screenshots

Below is from the behind the scenes blog. Salomon was kind enough to share these words with the huge group of followers keeping their eye on the progress of film. 

I owe so much to these guys. They make me believe I can do it. 

With enough work and most importantly... patience

Anomaly Chris

^ The Teaser 

^ The full length film


DAWN: Part One

Director of Photography, Editor and Colourist 

My first work as a DP and a gigantic leap forward for both myself and director Olaf Blomerus. From Script to finished project was a magical process that was filled with surprises both positive and negative. Our first big step into the world of VFX and the full control of the entire film making process. I was involved throughout but my main titles were as listed above. I'm so proud to be friends with Olaf. 

May it lead to much bigger and even more amazing works of art in the future. 


Beyond Veranassi: Cale Glendening and Joey L

Editor and Colourist 

The first absolute Wow moment in my film making career. After reaching out to Cale almost 6 months before, I found myself slowly becoming a part of the conversation surrounding this amazing piece of film. I'd know Cale was special since the second I met him and had been following Joey's work since I first went to photography school. 

After working with Vincent Laforet on a few project, it gave me the confidence as an editor and beginner confidence as a colourist. It was a huge step going from shorter 2-5 minute projects to something almost an hour long but definitely exciting a worth it. 


Be sure to check out the entire project. Its exciting and fulfilling throughout. 

May it lead to much bigger and even more amazing works of art in the future.