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One on One courses

(Calgary residents only) 

Feeling like getting your creative mind blown?

I aim to bring you confidently to the next level of your creative game and teach you tools that really help over the long run. These courses are for anyone wanting to step up their game. Whether you're already a professional creative but want to expand your skill set or you've just always wanted to learn Photo or video editing.


I've created 4 custom made courses outlining some of Adobes best programs.

Each course is broken down into 4 classes that are roughly 2.5 hours each.

(Some classes will go a bit longer depending on how spongy your brain is that day) 


Each course comes with a wickedly designed ebook that goes over in detail everything we cover in the 4 classes. There are graphics/photos throughout the book to help visualize each tool and process.  

Photography / Design courses


Beginner Photoshop

- Learn the fundamentals / principles that run this amazing program

- Think like Photoshop 

- Selections and masks 101

- Beginner colour theory

- Best habits


Intermediate Photoshop

- An even deeper understanding of fundamentals!

- Selections and mask 202

- Fundamentals of compositing

- More amazing habits

Video editing / Film making / VFX courses


Beginner Premiere Pro

- How to think like Premiere 

- Understand the principles of video 

- Sound 

- Premiere workflow 101

- Best habits


Beginner After Effects

- How to think like After Effects 

- Understand the principles of video 

- Animation

- 3D

- After Effects workflow 101

- Best habits