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Premiere Pro essentials

Premiere Pro beginner.png
Premiere Pro beginner.png

Premiere Pro essentials


Premiere is quickly becoming the video editors dream come true. It's constantly changing and updating with new functions and tools so this is a great time to learn it and introduce it into your professional video workflow. It's used for everything from documentary film editing to iPhone video editing to hollywood feature film editing. 

Films edited on Premiere include: Gone Girl, Deadpool, Hail Caesar etc

In this course we learn:

  1. Fundamentals of video editing
  2. Workflow
  3. Transitions
  4. colour correction

We will also learn a basic understanding of Adobe's Dynamic link relationship with After Effects. This can just start your understanding in using the two programs together on projects. 

(Price is $599 + 5% GST)

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Price includes 4 one-on-one sessions.

2.5 hours each. 

Guaranteed to be confident using Premiere Pro to create/edit at a beginner level. 

This in person style of learning guarantees an effective path towards where you'd like to get.

We cover content that I consider to not only important but fundamental in building your brain as a digital creative.